Recent Accomplishments

Recent impact we've made, thanks to supporters like you:

  • Empowered a young lady living in foster care: We purchased a cheerleading outfit and sent a deserving young lady to a week-long cheerleading camp, empowering her with meaningful experiences and opportunities she might not have had otherwise.
  • Supported college-bound youth: For the past two years, we've been able to donate gift cards to assist college-bound youth living in foster care in Los Angeles. Your support helps ease their financial burden, ensuring they can focus on their education and future with confidence.
  • Built a safer home for orphaned children: Thanks to the generosity of individuals like you, we've made a significant impact by completing the construction of a protective wall around the Mully Children’s Family Orphanage in Nairobi. This vital barrier not only provides physical security but also a sense of safety and belonging to these precious children.

Children are precious gems in God's sight, and wearing jewelry from Black Gem Designs means you are answering the charge of James 1:27. As you browse our exquisite jewelry collection, know that every piece you choose impacts a life. Together, we're designing a brighter future for children in need. We appreciate you!

Dr. Tolbert and the Black Gem Designs Team